At Mesker Door, we’re committed to helping architects. Of course, our motivation is to help architects understand the superior quality and innovation of Mesker Door products, but relationships are important to us. So, we’re establishing relationships with architects around the world by being of help whenever possible.

We help architects understand Division 8 specifications, and we’ll help write those specs for any project. We also offer presentations that are approved by the American Institute of Architects Continuing Education System. We’d like to talk with you about providing you with an AIA CES presentation. We’ll bring lunch, brunch or breakfast for participants and share one of our unique presentations.

If you are an architect and would like to learn more about our offerings, feel free to contact us at or fax 877-888-0150 and you will be contacted regarding a class in your area.

If you are an architect or a distributor detailing a job with existing door or frame manufacturers specified, and you are looking to supply Mesker products instead, we can help you find the right product with the highest quality. See some of our other resources for architects in our Resource section. See all of our certifications to ensure our products meet your needs.