Fire Rated Doors and Frames
Fire Ratings are critically important when choosing a hollow metal door and hollow metal frame

Do you need a 3 hour fire rated door? 1½ hour fire rated door or ¾ our fire rated door, we offer a large variety of fire rated openings at Mesker Door, because the fire rating of a steel door and steel frame in a commercial building is often critically important. And did you know that your steel door fire rating needs to be at least ¾ of your wall fire rating? For more helpful information about each of our hollow metal fire rated doors, just click the following links below.

Fire Ratings
3 Hour Fire Rated Door
Fire Ratings
1 & 1/2 Hour Fire Rated Door
Fire Ratings
60 Min. Fire Rated Door
Fire Ratings
3/4 Hour Fire Rated Door

Our fiberbroad core Tempera ture Rise Door is a good choice for stairwells and anywhere a fire barrier is important. To discover more about how our Temperature Rise Door reduces the heat transferring from one side of a hollow metal door to the other, just click on Temperature Rise Door.

Mesker Fire Rated Steel Doors can make the difference for the people you're trying to protect.

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